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We provide a wide variety of dental services and products for Bowling Green and South Central Kentucky. 
Dental Cleanings & Prevention


Dental cleanings are a very important part of your overall health and well being. We at Destiny Dental recommend at least two cleanings a year to keep your mouth healthy. Current research continues to show that regular cleanings and a healthy mouth are of vital importance to you...

Periodontal Disease

This is considered one of the quiet epidemic diseases. It is estimated well over 70% of adults have periodontal disease and  may not even be aware. This issue can only be diagnosed through radiographs and a full mouth assessment. Our goal is to return the tissue to the...

Dental Restoration


At Destiny Dental we place tooth colored resin restorations. As well as being more cosmetic (they blend in with your tooth color), resins respond more like natural teeth to temperature and pressure in the mouth than the old black fillings (amalgams). These restorations are ...

Bite Guards


Many people clench and grind their teeth during sleep and bite guards can help with this. We have full coverage and partial coverage bite guards. As our stress levels have increased with the quickening of our lifestyle, dentists have seen a sharp increase in tooth grinding...

Cosmetic Dentistry


At Destiny Dental our Doctors have had extensive cosmetic training in many different techniques. They have worked with the top names, even hosting a screening for the Extreme Makeover television show. There are many different cosmetic dentistry choices at our office...

Sleep Apnea Appliances


More and more research is showing undiagnosed sleep apnea can be a trigger for a multitude of health problems. Many confirmed sleep apnea patients find they cannot comfortably wear a C-pap machine. There are multiple oral appliances that have been found to...

Our Team 

Patient Testimonials

“Very impressed with the staff at Destiny Dental. Chose them because they accept our new insurance and what a blessing! They were kind, efficient, and I felt comfortable the entire time. I felt ok with asking questions and they were very mindful of the fact that not everyone can afford cost of some treatment! I would definitely recommend them!!“

-Geneal G.

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